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Dr. Gerardo Escalera Santos

Carreón, Y. J., Ríos-Ramírez, M., Vázquez-Vergara, P., Salinas-Almaguer, S., Cipriano-Urbano, I., Briones-Aranda, A., Díaz-Hernández, O, Escalera Santos, G.J, and González-Gutiérrez, J. (2021). Effects of substrate temperature on patterns produced by dried droplets of proteins. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 203, 111763.

Carreón, Y. J., Díaz-Hernández, O., Escalera Santos, G. J., Cipriano-Urbano, I., Solorio-Ordaz, F. J., González-Gutiérrez, J., & Zenit, R. (2021). Texture Analysis of Dried Droplets for the Quality Control of Medicines. Sensors, 21(12), 4048.


Dr. José Manuel Cruz Martínez

Productividad académica Dr. José Manuel Cruz Martínez (Agosto 2020 - Noviembre 2021):

Buhse, T., Cruz, J. M., Noble-Terán, M. E., Hochberg, D., Ribó, J. M., Crusats, J., & Micheau, J. C. (2021). Spontaneous deracemizations. Chemical Reviews121(4), 2147-2229.


Dr. Jorge González

  1. Texture Analysis of Dried Droplets for the Quality Control of Medicines 2021. Yojana J P Carreón Orlando Díaz-Hernández Gerardo J Escalera santos Ivan Cipriano-Urbano Francisco J Solorio-Ordaz Jorge González- Gutiérrez Roberto Zenit  The quality control of medicines guarantees the effectiveness of treatments for diseases. We explore the use of texture analysis of patterns in dried droplets as a tool to readily detect both impurities and changes in drug concentration.
  1. Dynamics of a helical swimmer crossing viscosity gradients. 2021. CE López, J Gonzalez-GutierrezF Solorio-Ordaz… - Physical Review …, 2021 – APS We experimentally and theoretically study the dynamics of a low- Reynolds number helical swimmer moving across viscosity gradients. Experimentally, a double-layer viscosity is generated by superposing two miscible fluids with similar densities but different dynamic viscosities. A synthetic helical magnetically driven swimmer is then made to move across the viscosity gradients along four different configurations
  1. Effects of substrate temperature on patterns produced by dried droplets of proteins  2021. M Ríos-Ramírez… - Colloids and Surfaces B …, 2021 – Elsevier Rapid diagnosis provides better clinical management of patients, helps control posible outbreaks, and increases survival. The study of deposits produced by the evaporation of droplets is a useful tool in the diagnosis of some health problems. With the aim to improve diagnostic time in clinical practice where we use the evaporation of droplets, we explored the effects of substrate temperature on pattern formation of dried droplets in globular protein solutions.
  1. Multifractal structure in sand drawings  2020. RE MoctezumaJ Gonzalez-Gutierrez - Fractals, 2020 - World Scientific The construction of an abstract expressionist artwork is driven by chaotic mechanisms that sculpt multifractal characteristics. Jackson Pollock's paintings, for example, arise due to the random process of depositing drops and jets of paint on a canvas. However, most of the paintings and drawings try to recreate with fidelity common forms, natural landscapes, and the human figure


Dr. Christian Ivan Eriquez

  1. Piezoresponse force microscopy imaging and its correlation with cantilever spring constant and frequency, M. E. Mendoza, M. Toledo-Solano, O Solís Canto, M. A. Palomino-Ovando, G. Torres-Miranda, M. P. Cruz, Christian Ivan Enriquez Flores, Y. H. Chu, E. A. Murillo-Bracamontes, H’Linh Hmk, E. Cruz-Valeriano, J. J. Gervacio-Arciniega, Journal of Applied Physics, 00218979,, 2020
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  3. Contact resonance frequencies and their harmonics in scanning probe microscopy, Eduardo A. Murillo-Bracamontes , Jose Juan Gervacio-Arciniega , Edgar Cruz-Valeriano, Christian Ivan Enriquez Flores, Martha A. Palomino-Ovando, José M. Yañez-Limón, Jesús M Siqueiros, M Paz Cruz, IET Sci Meas Technol, Páginas de 419 a 426),, 2021


Dr. Orlando Díaz-Hernández

1. Effects of substrate temperature on patterns produced by dried droplets of proteins

Publicado en: Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces

Volume 203, Pages 111763, Publisher: Elsevier


2.- Texture Analysis of Dried Droplets for the Quality Control of Medicines

Publicado en: Sensors

Volume 21, Issue 12, Pages 4048, Publisher: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute





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